Hello beautiful people! So this is my last episode for Season 1, and I have the privilege of being interviewed by Fabiola from Episode 5.

I felt that it might be appropriate to sit on the other side of the mic for once, so that you can learn more about me!:D It has been a moment of reflection on my journey growing up abroad and trying to settle down, how I went from a career in retail to tech, and on my attempt to document the stories of Africans in the diaspora and the questions that we ask ourselves. I hope you enjoy it :) 


03:00 - On why I always center my interviews around the third culture kid (TCK) identity, and whether I identify as a TCK or not

09:00 - On curiosity and the different paths that life takes us on, and how I would have never thought that I would one day work for a tech company - because I wasn’t an engineer


[I don’t really limit myself in what I can explore - Michaella] 


14:00 - On how my failures have taught me to be adaptable, and how I almost moved to Kenya


[I wanted to be part of the decision makers - Michaella] 


27:00 - On how I accepted an entry level job, with the goal of changing roles once I had my foot in the door 

32:15 - On how unconscious bias showed up as I started in my new role, and my attempt to fit in 

37:30 - How I chose a mentor to guide me, give me a different perspective of the workplace, and to help my attempt at moving internally 

45:00 - Why I started the podcast out of feeling isolated in the workplace, even though I’m not making money from it 


[I wanted to find people like me, who are trying to figure it out… We don’t know what we’re doing when we come here - Michaella] 


56:00 - Learnings from running a podcast, and what I will explore going forward 


[At the core of it, it’s a beautiful story of humanity - Michaella ] 


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In the meantime keep striving, keep thriving, and keep shining!


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